• 2013 Volkswagen Golf

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  • Jul 2019
    Good reliable car with bunch of useful features
    —Nipuna M - 2013 Volkswagen Golf TSI High Line
  • Jul 2019
    Great car. Totally what we expected.
    —Bradley R - 2013 Volkswagen Golf TSI High Line
  • Jun 2019
    Beautiful car and drive well
    —Ompal A - 2013 Volkswagen Golf TSI HIGH LINE
  • Mar 2019
    Awesome vehicle with gud economy, plenty of power, features and space.
    —Rajan K - 2013 Volkswagen GOLF TSI Highline Bluemotion
  • Mar 2019
    Excellent car - so far very happy with it.
    —Richard R - 2013 Volkswagen Golf TSI Highline BlueMotion Techno
  • Oct 2018
    My petrol costs have been reduced by using the Economy mode. I also find the sensors on the car are great when driving in cruise control.
    —Rebecca L - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
  • Jul 2018
    It’s a great car! So happy about it!
    —Danniel B - 2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI DCC Package Hatch
  • Jun 2018
    The hatchback runs well and economically.
    —Yi C - 2013 Volkswagen Golf TSI Highline
  • Feb 2018
    The golf is the best in its class. Nothing else comes close in my opinion
    —Shaun B - 2013 Volkswagen Golf TSI COMFORTLINE NZ NEW
  • Sep 2017
    Great car , have never a owned a VW golf GTI. Amazing grip and so much torque from low down in the rev range. Very up spec interior. Extremely comfortable too. And actually good on fuel 680km per full tank.
    —Stuart I - 2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI
  • Sep 2017
    Fun comfortable and economical
    —Renee M - 2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI 162KW Mk 7 NZ New
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