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  • May 2022
    Reliable, powerful little monster, easy to look after.
    —Ho C - 2013 Volkswagen Golf TSI Highline, 103KW
  • Apr 2022
    Fab car. Good pick up. I love it!
    —Kim G - 2013 Volkswagen Golf TSi + facelift model & interior
  • Apr 2022
    Really good vehicle the looks of it and fantastic drive
    —Brandon T - 2013 Volkswagen GOLF GTI MK7
  • Apr 2022
    We are satisfied to use our volkswagen golf,
    —Nelson T - 2013 Volkswagen Golf TSI High Line Dare Air Ste BMT
  • Apr 2022
    Car is beautiful in every way power when you need it and cheep on fuel too.
    —Craig B - 2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI
  • Apr 2022
    Awesome car and definitely I’ll looking for a new model next year.
    —Jefferson D - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
  • Apr 2022
    Happy with the car.
    —David T - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
  • Apr 2022
    Great car. Very comfortable, economic and fun to drive.
    —SARAH C - 2013 Volkswagen GOLF Highline Blue Motion Technology
  • Mar 2022
    It is a very comfortable and safe vehicle, loaded with features at a reasonable price.
    —Johan S - 2013 VW Golf 1.4TSI Highline
  • Mar 2022
    Very good, enough power, enjoyable to drive, reliable and very comfortable
    —Damien H - 2013 Volkswagen Golf MK6 R 4Motion
  • Mar 2022
    I am enjoying my new car; lovely comfortable ride; great 'gadgets'; eco option is working well as is cruise control. So easy and so much fun.
    —Deirdre L - 2013 Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSi Highline
  • Mar 2022
    The VW golf is an extremely tidy and nice car to drive, the high line model is fun to drive and has all the specs you need. 1.4L turbo 7 speed dsg is great. Economical as well for its size. I really enjoy my golf, only gripe is that it is slightly laggy when first taking off after the Start stop is disengaged.
    —Grant S - 2013 Volkswagen Golf TSI High Line BMT - Grade 4.5
  • Mar 2022
    Is an all-around excellent vehicle! Does 1000kms on a tank of diesel on the open road and has all the safety features and technology I need for commuting between Whangarei and Auckland. Love VW Golfs and the 2.0L TDI is an exceptional car.
    —Jared J - 2013 Volkswagen GOLF NZ New TDi Highline
  • Mar 2022
    Very powerful car
    —DINESH S - 2013 Volkswagen Golf GTI 162KW 2.0TSI DSG
  • Feb 2022
    Great little car with a good look.
    —NZ Frameless Glass Limited - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
  • Feb 2022
    Great car. Diesel model very fuel efficient.
    —Caroline H - 2013 Volkswagen Golf TDI COMFORTLINE 7DSG
  • Feb 2022
    It’s got everything u need, it goes like a dream, a good size for easy parking but plenty of of boot space, and a great stereo!
    —Jacqui M - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
  • Jan 2022
    incredibly economical while still performing really well, very surprised just how good this is.
    —Brent A - 2013 VW Golf TSI Highline
  • Jan 2022
    So far so good excellent car
    —Joanne G - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
  • Jan 2022
    An excellent first car
    —Adele M - 2013 Volkswagen Golf
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